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Four Life Insurance Misconceptions You May Believe

Unlike most insurance agencies, we write all of our blogs internally. This allows us to

pull from our combined experiences in the insurance industry to make sure that we are

only posting content that is accurate and beneficial. This may also explain some of the


When brainstorming on a blog for life insurance, we asked ourselves, “why does no

one want to talk about life insurance?” After a few minutes of silent pondering, the

answer became clear: it’s because you’re dead. You probably wouldn’t want to spend

your Saturday preemptively picking out your gravestone either would you? It’s not fun

to talk about or think about. We get it.

However, this is an important topic that that vast majority of Americans are woefully

unprepared for. Most estimates place the number of underinsured Americans at 60%.

Regardless, there are many misconceptions about life insurance that we need to

debunk. We put our collective heads together at Roland, Abbott, & DeZoort Insurance

and came up with the four misconceptions we hear most frequently.

Misconception #1: Life Insurance is expensive.

This is simply not true. Life insurance is one of the more affordable types of insurance

because the likelihood of death is relatively low. The average person get’s into an auto

accident roughly every seven years. An insurance policy that is expected to pay out that

frequently is significantly more expensive than insurance that is only to be paid once in

a lifetime. Even with a good driving record and a cheap car, your insurance premium

will be at least 5 times more expensive than your life insurance premium. Seriously, it’s


Misconception #2: Life Insurance is only for "old people”.

This statement could not be further from the truth. Empty nesters nearing retirement

with a healthy 401(k) and children out of the house need life insurance less than

someone in their 30’s with young children. The scenario that life insurance aims to

prevent is leaving your grieving spouse with young children and substantial financial

responsibilities. Even though this situation is unlikely for young couples, a 7-figure life

insurance policy can be obtained for an obnoxiously reasonable monthly premium.

This is much more important for someone with a younger family even though the

likelihood of ever using it is low.

Misconception #3: Life Insurance is already provided through my job.

Is life insurance already provided through your job? Great! Have you looked at the

policy recently? You may have a substantial policy and are set! Or it may only be

enough to cover the funeral. Knowing the details of your life insurance policy is

extremely important. It is also beneficial to consider a policy that is separate from an

employer in case you suddenly change careers.

Misconception #4: Life Insurance is for wealthy people.

The logic behind this misconception goes like this: “I’m middle class and can barely

afford my bills as is, so life insurance is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.”

This logic has always fascinated me. Wouldn’t the wealthy be the least likely to need it

since they already have money to give to the family in case they passed away? The

bottom line is life insurance is substantially more important for those of us in the

middle class than it is for the guy with the mega-yacht.

As Sean, Amanda, and Louis mention frequently, all insurance is simply peace of mind.

It allows you to sleep at night knowing you are protected. Let’s be honest, the

likelihood of you passing away in the near future is incredibly small. But if that

unlikely event happened, the right life insurance policy would make life for your

family that much easier in a difficult time.


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