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Four Signs You May Be Underinsured

Making sure that your insurance properly protects you is probably not something that you think about while sitting around the dinner table. In fact, most people probably don’t think about it at all. However, if an accident happens at home, work, or on the road, making sure you are properly covered is essential to ensuring the financial safety of your family. Here are four signs you may be underinsured.

You bought on price.

We’ve all purchased something because it was the cheapest. This was basically the business model that Walmart was built upon. However, there’s a big difference in getting the cheapest bag of chips at the grocery store and getting the bare minimum insurance. Price is more often than not an indication of quality. While you may not need the most expensive insurance policy on the market, the cheapest option will likely leave you exposed.

You have state minimum coverages.

State minimum policies are woefully ineffective at properly covering one's assets. These laws are simply in place to ensure that everyone has insurance. Think about it this way, do you have the minimum vehicle you can possibly own? Is your house the smallest house you could possibly afford? Then why would you possibly want the state minimum insurance? State minimum coverages will leave you exposed and can be extremely expensive in the case of a claim.

You don’t know your coverages.

Most of us may not know how much insurance our policies provide. This is generally a sign that the policy was bought on price. At the bare minimum, you should be aware of how much protection your policy entails so you know if you are exposed or not.

You don’t have an independent agent.

Independent agents are at a unique advantage. While the big insurance carriers on TV have no way of knowing their client’s true needs, our team is trained to understand each client’s unique situation. Every person’s situation is unique. That means their insurance should be geared to their needs. We have dozens of insurance carriers we shop our client’s needs with to ensure they get the right coverage at the right price.

Give us a call and let our team review your situation and make sure you and your family are properly protected. Remember, we protect what you value most!


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